Fundraising Tools to Help Nonprofits!

Get a view of iConnectX tools and services for nonprofits through a personal demonstration. 

Are you looking to improve your current fundraising activities?  Getting started with a new nonprofit?  Either way, our tools are built with you in mind. 

Nonprofit Tools:

  • Auctions - Set up and manage auction items in the browser and mobile applications.  You control the start/end times, pricing and increments. 
  • Event Ticketing - Provide event information and directions along with selling your tickets (Early Bird/Member pricing, Individual, Table, Multi-level) or simply collect RSVPs to understand who will be attending your event. 
  • Fundraisers - Build your fundraisers to support your cause.  Not only can you collect donations, you can build activities such as auctions, event tickets and more around your fundraiser to make more of an impact!
  • Donations - Collect donations from your Advocacy page, in Fundraisers and Events.  Payments are sent directly to your nonprofit.
  • Advocacy - Share your story in the iConnectX Marketplace to thousands of "charitable-minded" professionals.  Mission, Leadership, programs and more!
  • Volunteering - Promote your volunteer opportunities to help fill those needed time slots to make your events and happenings more meaningful.
  • And More! - Utilize the iConnectX iBridge to get your executive and industry expert members/sponsors to donate their time and support your cause.

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